Obisk Nativa, Inštituta za trajnostni razvoj

Obiskal nas je Nativa, Inštitut za trajnostni razvoj, ki spodbuja vrednote trajnostnega gospodarskega razvoja s povezovanjem pristnih in inovativnih partnerjev na tem področju. Na njihovi FB strani so zapisali takole:

Nativa continues to “Search for Charismatic Offer”. Trgovina Krajček is a natural food store, offering innovative products mainly from small local producers. There you can find all kinds of chocolates and biscuits, tasting like nice memories, colorful jams and juices from almost forgotten fruits like cornelian cherry, fresh milk, vegetables and bread as well as soaps, inspired by Slovenian legends, and much more.
Krajcek’s interior is full of handcrafted wooden details that carry the signature of its owners and their friends. Not to forget that Krajček passionately supports nature protection actions, such as Balkan Rivers Tour.